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Transfer Champion Aytemiz

by User Not Found | Jan 27, 2016
Aytemiz has once again become the most preferred brand in fuel-oil station transfer

Aytemiz has once again become the most preferred brand in fuel-oil station transfer

Adding 155 new stations to its network in 2015 to increase its branch number to 455, Aytemiz has repeated its transfer record in 2010. Stating that they are acting with the goal of being one of the top 5 players of the industry in a short while in mind, Aytemiz CEO Ahmet Eke said that their top priority is a fast and healthy growth. Telling they are getting closer and closer to the consumer by adding stations located at city centers of big cities to their network, Ahmet Eke said "We grow with our branches. Our close attention to our branches and the strong business partnership based on the trust bond we have with them has helped us become the most preferred brand among stations during the contract renewal period."

Laying emphasis on how they know Turkish consumer and their expectations, and how they gathered the innovative and creative services they need under the roof of Aytemiz in a corporate but a sincere way, Ahmet Eke said "There is a huge race going in the industry. Apart from our current customers, our goal is to make our new customers regular. We have the power and talent to do this. We will listen to our consumers more and make a name for ourselves in the industry with private services, our boutique service model so to speak.

Ahmet Eke said that they are competing in a rough industry with so many players and as Aytemiz they care more about the branches profits. Eke said, "Both our branches and competition branches are aware of this and our ambitious growth tendency. And this is one of the most important factors that will grant us the leadership in the upcoming branch transfer periods."

Underlying that all distribution companies are commercial service businesses selling retail and wholesale products and there is no difference between the products they sell, Ahmet Eke said there will be significant changes in brand preferences after the consumer takes notice of this situation. Explaining the service and price will the most important reason of choice after the awareness of the consumer about this situation is raised, Ahmet Eke said that this process is definitely in favor of Aytemiz brand.

Telling how there aren't many obstacles to getting into big cities thanks to the growing competition and inspection mechanism brought by EMRA, Ahmet Eke said: "5 years ago, it was so hard for companies other than the industry leaders to get into city centers. Industrial changes and improvements changed this situation. With new inspection mechanisms and shorter contract terms, there aren't any obstacles to getting into big cities. This new situation symbolizes a really important change for the industry. That means, as a powerful player of the industry, there aren't locations you cannot get into. We are already very successful in Anatolia. Now we are getting much stronger in big cities like Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir."

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