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Aytemiz - Isbank Imece Card Co-operation

by User Not Found | Mar 28, 2016
A card exclusively for manufacturers by Isbank: Imece Card

A card exclusively for manufacturers by Isbank: Imece Card
Imece Card offers interest-free post-harvest and year-end payment options up to 6 months in diesel oil purchases!
What is Imece Card?

Imece Card is a card that enables the use of agricultural loans given to manufacturers for the purpose of financing agricultural expenses such as seeds, seedlings, fertilizers, agricultural pesticide, fuel, feed, agricultural equipment etc. It can also be used as a debit card.

Imece Card owners can set the payment dates of transactions themselves depending on their harvest period. They can benefit from all services of ATM's such as money withdrawal, depositing, balance query, money transfer, invoice payment, investment options etc. everywhere in Turkey 24/7 thanks to the card's ATM features. 

They can also spend money on shopping from their drawing account connected to their Imece Card via POS devices and withdraw money from ATMs in or out of the country. They earn MaxiPuan from the transactions they make using the card's debit cart features.

For more information about loan terms and Imece Card application, please visit the nearest Isbank branch.

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