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A “first” “theatrical dealer training” by Aytemiz

by User Not Found | Sep 09, 2016
Aytemiz, the "fastest growing fuel brand in Turkey", realized the training of "theatrical dealer personnel" with Umut Oğuz and the In-House team.

Aytemiz, the "fastest growing fuel brand in Turkey", realized the training of "theatrical dealer personnel" with Umut Oğuz and the In-House team. 

Aytemiz carried out the training of "staff service standards at station" given to dealers' employees by the In-House Team led by Umut Oğuz, with the slogan "Tell us what you want to tell, and we will handle how to tell it". The theatrical dealer personnel trainings carried out in 6 provinces including Trabzon, Kayseri, Adana, Konya, İzmir and İstanbul not only aimed to educate staff of Aytemiz stations but also aimed to bring up personnel who would meet the expectations of customers for fuel sector in the fastest and most accurate manner.

As a result of Aytemiz's directive, the training contents given by interactive role-plays covered clothing, exterior appearance, the 5-step rule (dialogue with customer, active smiling face, welcoming, refueling, additional services),  conduct of the washing staff, toilet cleaning, AYT (Vehicle & Fuel Recognition System), market product range and Aytemiz Optimum product promotion. Aytemiz General Manager Ahmet Eke emphasized that the training contents are prepared to cover the main training needs of the sector at the preparation stage, and said "We have created a very valuable training content for the sector as a result of our long term work. With the role-plays of the In-House team led by Umut Oğuz, which "teach as they entertain", and our dealer employees learned about the issues that we attach great importance to as a brand, also having a pleasant time. Aytemiz has brought a fresh vision to the sector by bringing art to the concept of education. We would like to thank all our participating personnel for the positive approach they had for this training". 

Eke, who added that he believes that this "innovative and creative" training of dealer personnel will bring a fresh breath to the sector, said "There is intense competition in the sector. Our goal is to add our new and existing customers, whom we meet for the first time everyday, to our current and loyal customers, and win all of them as our continuous customers. As Aytemiz, we have come one step closer to our concept of "fuel station recognizing its customers and offering various services" with our theatrical dealer personnel trainings we will perform. Our customers who prefer us will be aware of the increase in our service quality and the positive change in each of their visits to our stations".

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