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Set Off With Paraf, Win at Aytemiz

by User Not Found | Nov 16, 2016

Within the scope of the campaign initiated by cooperation of Aytemiz and Halkbank, Paraf owners earn money from their fuel or autogas purchases at Aytemiz stations, which are Paraf members.                                                  

Aytemiz and Halkbank launched a new campaign for Paraf owners. Paraf owners who come to Aytemiz stations contracted with Paraf earn 30 TL ParafMoney to be used in their fuel and autogas purchases, after they make a 4th fuel or autogas purchase with minimum 75 TL at Paraf-member Aytemiz stations in one time and on different days.

Paraf owners who want to join the campaign that will be valid between November 16th and December 31st will have to write "AYTEMIZ", leave a space, and send the last 6 digits of the card as an SMS to 3404 in their mobile phone number registered in Halkbank system before the first expenditure. Expenses will have to be made after the incoming confirmation SMS and at Paraf POSs.

ParafMoneys will be loaded on the cards one day after the 4th minimum 75 TL fuel or autogas spending. Paraf members will be able to use them in fuel or autogas purchases to be made at Aytemiz stations until January 15, 2017. Consumers can benefit from the campaign once and earn up to 30 TL ParafMoney.

Detailed information about our campaign is presented below:

  • Paraf member AYTEMİZ stations will give 30 TL ParafMoney for a 4th fuel or autogas spending over 75 TL to be made at once on different days between November 16 and December 31, 2016 .
  • In order to participate in the campaign, Paraf owners must write "AYTEMIZ", leave a space, and send the last 6 digits of the card as an SMS to 3404 in their mobile phone number registered in the bank before incurring a cost
  • Information on the award will be posted on the slip and the winnings will be reported via SMS.
  • Earned ParafMoneys will be uploaded to the card on the next day of earning, where the earning transaction is made, and the Paraf member will be able to use them for fuel or autogas purchases to be made at AYTEMIZ stations until January 15,  2017
  • The campaign is on customer basis. Each customer can join the campaign one (1) time and earn 30 TL ParafMoney.
  • Expenditures must be realized after registration and from Paraf POSs . The expenditures after the campaign participation SMS reaches the banking system are taken into consideration. There will be no retrospective benefits from the campaign.
  • Paraf member AYTEMİZ stations can be listed by writing AYTEMİZ in the field of brand name at http://www.parafcard.com.tr/ProgramOrtaklari/Arama .
  • Only the first purchase of 75 TL (or over) among such multiple purchases made within the same day will be included in the campaign.
  • ParafMoneys that are not used until January 15, 2017 will be reclaimed by the bank on January 16, 2017.
  • The participation SMS must be sent from the mobile phone number registered in the customer number of the card in the bank system.   Campaign participation SMS is free of charge. SMS participation cannot be made with numbers from operators other than Turkcell, Vodafone and Avea.
  • Transactions made with Business cards included in Parafly campaign, HalkCard, additional cards, virtual cards and transactions made by using ParafMoney are not included in the campaign. 
  • In case of return and cancellation of transactions made within the scope of the campaign, canceled and returned transactions will not be included in the campaign.
  • ParafParas won within the scope of the campaign can not be transferred to another card. The fact that the card's ParafMoney balance is below zero due to the use of Advance ParafMoney etc., does not affect the use of ParafMoneys that are earned in the campaign.
  • People under 18 can not benefit from the campaign.
  • Click to see Aytemiz stations that are included in the campaign.

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