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The world’s first fuel station in Metaverse launched by Turkish brand Aytemiz

by User Not Found | Oct 06, 2022

Aytemiz, Turkish brand that stands out with its innovative and pioneering services in the fuel industry, broke a new ground in the world with the fuel station it opened in Decentraland, the most popular universe of the Metaverse.

Metaverse TR

Aytemiz, one of the prominent and a 100% domestic brand in Turkey’s fuel industry, continues to differentiate itself in the sector with its investments in technology and the future. Aytemiz became the first fuel company in the world to join the Metaverse universe with the fuel station it opened at coordinates 139,-72 in Decentraland, the most popular universe in the Metaverse.

Visitors to the Aytemiz fuel station in the Decentraland universe will not only experience a new station concept but will also have an opportunity to buy fuel with a 50 percent advantage in addition to the discount in the Aytemiz Vaay mobile application until the end of the year with the special code offered through the application screens at the station.

Reminding that Metaverse is a kind of new reality where users can experience the virtual and real world at the same time, Aytemiz General Manager Çağdaş Demirağ said, "We have opened the first fuel station of Metarverse next to Dragon City, the theme park which is one of the popular areas in Decentraland and is currently visited by 280 thousand people monthly. We think that this new virtual experience, which is especially easy to access and fun, will attract everyone's attention. We anticipate that this new virtual world will change all commerce, including e-commerce. In near future, it will be possible to shop for groceries and fuel with more personalized experiences. As the world's first fuel brand in the Metaverse universe, we are already preparing ourselves for the future and want to stand out in the competition with the experiences we offer. We believe that such technology-oriented projects will be more appealing for the Z generation. We aim to lead our industry with different digital projects that embrace the future."

Exclusive fuel for the Metaverse: MetaFuel

Providing information about the fuel specially positioned by Aytemiz for the Metaverse, Demirağ pointed out that this is a global breakthrough for the industry. "With the fuel of the future concept, we have placed 'MetaFuel' on a fuel pump for the first time at this station. Technology enthusiasts will have the opportunity to experience and see MetaFuel fuel pump through their smart devices via AR technology. In near future, when the way of doing business in the world will completely change, it will be possible to buy products developed for the Metaverse by visiting the areas in this universe and buying them with their own special currencies. In the changing world, companies will make a large proportion of their total turnover and profits from the activities in these virtual universes."

In addition to the Aytemiz Vaay mobile application, the first fuel station in Decentraland also features all the pioneering products and services that Aytemiz offers to its customers, such as Self-Service option, Motorbiker Friendly Station and electric vehicle charging point. Optimum, Aytemiz's reinforced fuel, is introduced at the station where Aytemiz's new and modern ON 7/24 Market concept is also located. While the express car wash service is emphasized in the On the Wash section, the products of Castrol, the leading lubricant brand sold at Aytemiz stations, are also displayed on the market shelves. At the electric vehicle charging point, the industry’s transformation in the future is also emphasized with MG's new ZS EV model, which is 100 percent electric with its renewed design and has a range of 440 km WLTP (Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure).

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