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Internet Privacy Obligation

Ownership of www.aytemiz.com.tr website belongs to Aytemiz Akaryakıt Dağıtım A.Ş.

AYTEMIZ servers will identify the computer or other devices used to visit our website using IP addresses. They store non-personal information such as "domain name", "e-mail address". 

Privacy of all kinds of data regarding our branches, the consumer and other persons visiting our web site is significantly important for AYTEMIZ.   While your personal information, "domain name", e-mail address and other information will not be shared with third parties, precautions to provide privacy are taken within the capabilities of technology. 

It is aimed for you to benefit by presenting various information about fuel-oil, LGP/Autogas and other products and services on AYTEMIZ website and updating this information. 

Personal data submitted by you will be used to offer information about our products and services and contact you on this regard, as long as you request otherwise.

As long as you declare it by submitting your request on www.aytemiz.com.tr, your requests of not wanting to receive messages about products and services and their prices will be immediately fulfilled.

We would like to remind you that information and materials on our website are transferred directly. We strongly urge you to take precautions necessary against attacks/viruses during the downloading of visuals, texts etc. materials and usage of our website or directed websites. AYTEMIZ and its employees cannot be held legally responsible on these subjects if these precautions are not taken.

Laws and other legislations give you limited rights of accessing the information on our website during your visit. Legal actions can be initiated against those who use the information and materials subject to intellectual property rights on our website without authorization.

All information, correspondence etc. submitted at our website can be used by Aytemiz and other visitors.  

Our privacy statement will be updated when legal arrangements and needs require.