Aytemiz Mobil Uygulaması İndirin İNDİR

About Aytemiz


About Us

Aytemiz Akaryakıt A.Ş. has been operating in fuel industry since its establishment in 1963 and has been serving under Aytemiz brand since 2009.

Aytemiz, a leading brand in the Turkish Fuel Industry, has been acquired in April 2023, by TATNEFT, based in Tataristan and is one of the major players of Oil&Gas industry in Russian Federation. As of April 2023, Aytemiz will continue operations within the structure of TATNEFT Group, which has over 80 years of experience in Global Energy Market.

Standing out in the sector with its strong supply and storage capacity, Aytemiz has 9 supply terminals in different regions of Turkey and storage and filling terminals with a capacity of 250 thousand cubic meters in Mersin, Izmit, Kirikkale, Trabzon and Alanya.

Aytemiz, a young and dynamic brand in fuel sector, is among the most preferred brands with its astonishing services, technological infrastructure, and high customer satisfaction.

Aytemiz has successfully implemented many projects that take the stations beyond just being a fuel sales point.

Aytemiz has been the creator of technological and inspiring projects such as the 'Motorbiker Friendly Station' concept it created in 2017, sector-pioneering Self-Service option offered to customers in 2019, and the innovative Aytemiz Vaay mobile application that was implemented in 2020 which offered the opportunity to buy fuel before going to the station.

As of today, Aytemiz brand welcomes more than 6 million drivers per month with 620 fuel stations in 80 provinces with the principle of continuous customer satisfaction.

Aytemiz ranked 50th in the Fortune 500 research, which determines Turkey's top 500 companies.


TATNEFT Group is one of the largest vertically integrated oil companies in Russia in terms of oil production, proved oil reserves and refining capacity with about 80 years of experience.

The main activity is the exploration, development, production, processing and marketing of crude oil and petroleum products. The Company is also involved in gas treatment and processing, production, and marketing of petrochemical products, mainly tires, equipment manufacturing, engineering design and supply services for oil, gas and petrochemical projects, and banking activities.

TATNEFT, with an annual oil production capacity of over 27 million tones and gas production volume of 885 million cubic meters (m3), is one of the leading companies in Global Energy Market.