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With transfer record, Aytemiz aims for the 'top 5' in industry

by User Not Found | Feb 24, 2016
Setting a transfer record in 2015 contract renewal period of fuel-oil branches, Aytemiz aims to be one of the top 5 players in the industry.

Setting a transfer record in 2015 contract renewal period of fuel-oil branches, Aytemiz aims to be one of the top 5 players in the industry. Indicating there is a great competition in Turkish fuel-oil industry, Aytemiz CEO Ahmet Eke said, "As Aytemiz, our first objective is to grow fast and sound. We grow with our branches. We are going to be one of the top 5 players of the industry in the upcoming years."

Founded by İsmail Aytemiz who is an expert in fuel-oil industry in 1960, Aytemiz Fuel-oil company shined by being the brand with most branch transfers in 2010.   It once again became the company with most branch transfers in 2015, a year focusing on the renewal of 5-year contracts. In addition to the great interest it shows to its branches, Aytemiz also approaches them with a craftsman point of view without sacrificing its corporate identity. Always keeping its doors open to its branches and instilling confidence with its problem solving ability, Aytemiz retained its 2010 leadership of the branch transfer period in 2015 as well. Stating that they increased their number of contracted stations to 455 in 2015 by adding 155 new stations, Aytemiz CEO Ahmet Eke said, "As Aytemiz, our first objective is to grow fast and sound. We grow with our branches. It's a part of our culture to be able to establish close and sincere relations with our branches by listening and understanding them. We are going to be one of the top 5 players of the industry in the upcoming years. We are getting closer and closer by adding stations located at city centers of big cities to our network. There is nothing that could prevent a fast growth." Ahmet Eke also told they were going to grow in electronic systems such as car recognition and loyalty card by getting the branch network bigger and more sufficient, saying "We are going to make the investments necessary for these objectives. We are going to achieve our goals with our branches. We're at the dawn of a strong momentum. No matter what brand, all branches are watching this new development and they actually know it better than us. I believe some of the strongest branches of competitor brands will have a bigger desire to join us when they see our goals and faith."

We are going to differentiate ourselves with a boutique service model

Laying emphasis on how they know Turkish consumer and their expectations, and how they gathered the innovative and creative services under the roof of Aytemiz in a corporate but a sincere way, Ahmet Eke said "We started off with ambitious goals in an environment where the competition is rough. We are never going to stop being an ever-growing brand. We put even more importance than usual to the corporate stand, hygiene, personnel behaviour and administration of the stations we transferred at key points. There is a huge race going in the industry.  We, with our branches, are aware that we need to be very careful in this race. We have new customers who meet our brand and services for the first time thanks to our expanding branch network. Our goal is to draw this customer we meet for the first time as a regular costumer. We have the power and talent to do this. We aim to get our service quality to a much higher level with vocational trainings. With different services we will put into use in the upcoming periods, we are going to differentiate in the competition by offering 'boutique services' to our customers. We will listen to our consumers more and make a name for ourselves in the industry with private services. Also we will increase our branch number and get closer to our consumers. We are going to make service quality one of our irreplaceable standards by interiorizing constant and sustainable progress."

The lion's share of profit belongs to branches

Ahmet Eke said that they are competing in a rough industry with so many players and this situation lowers the profit expectations. Emphasizing that distributors rightfully are trying to profit in order to bear the high investment costs but as Aytemiz, they care more about the branch profiting, Eke had these to say: "We are trying to grow by profiting just like any other brand but we set our branches' profit rates higher than ours. We do this not only to get profit, but also to get the brand to where it belongs. We trust ourselves about the future. Both our branches and other brands' branches are aware of this. And that actually helped us becoming the leader of 2015 transfer period as we were the last time."

Leadership can change

Saying the real race ahead of the industry is competition, Ahmet Eke pointed out that anyone not ready for the competition can quit the industry or might have to merge. Reminding about the tough competition between distributors and branches, Eke continued his speech saying: "In essence, I believe other domestic corporations will get to better positions in terms of market share at the same time with us or later. Because essentially, we are not a country that drills oil. We just sell refined products. We are commercial and service businesses that present retail and wholesale products. This doesn't need a technological know-how. For that reason, leadership and rankings in the market may change and go beyond the ordinary. All players in the industry are aware of this."

Chemical substances of all products are the same

Stating that they expect a significant change of choice in the industry in the upcoming periods as a result of consumers knowing that products on all stations even with different brands are the same, Ahmet Eke said: "We are going to show this to the consumer. EMRA has taken a good step in this regard. They said to the consumer: 'Go to stations that I give license and inspect, and shop without hesitance. Those products are under our regulation'. So in essence, no products are different than products of a different brand. Because chemical substances are the same. As long as this perception is embraced, I think product prices are going to be an important factor of choice for the consumer. Product quality and price comparison tests will be first made by commercial vehicles and then personal vehicle owners. After a certain period, for the consumers that see how the fuel of all stations are similar, first thing to consider will be price, with the location of the establishment, services of the establishment and other services following. At that point we will reach optimum cooperation and take the service quality level of industry to a whole new level with our cheerful service by listening closely to our consumers' guidance and preferences."

Partnership has enhanced our vision

Pointing to the partnership they went into with Dogan Holding in 2015, Ahmet Eke said both families have vast knowledge on this industry. Eke said these on the speech he made about the partnership: "Two parties that know this business very well and believe in growing came together. There is strength in numbers. The understanding, strategy and synergy of this partnership was a perfect match. One of the criteria of a partnership achieving success and objectives is the power of capital. We increased our capital with this partnership and as a result, our investment budget expanded and our goals were raised. In addition to our country-wide station network, we are also a corporation that believes in infrastructure and facility investments. In this regard, we take supplies to our branches from 11 points across the country. After the completion of our investment in Antalya region, the number of storage and filling facilities that we own (currently 5) will be & and our storage capacity will go beyond 200,000 m3.  This is an important logistical infrastructure power.  On the other hand, we are in the process of developing an organization and infrastructure fit for these goals of ours, and improving our corporate behaviour and skilled workforce. We are now in a position that enables us to act with our powerful capital and accomplish the investments we want more easily while making decisions. We are also getting a big support from our partner on subjects such as marketing and brand communication. Our new partnership has changed our vision and goals, and it broadened our horizon. I believe this synergy can give us good results in commercial and financial means.

EMRA paved the way into big cities

Telling how there aren't many obstacles to getting into big cities thanks to the growing competition and inspection mechanism brought by EMRA, Ahmet Eke said: "5 years ago, it was so hard for companies other than the industry leaders to get into city centers. Industrial changes and improvements changed this situation. With new inspection mechanisms and shorter contract terms, there aren't any obstacles to getting into big cities. This new situation is really important for the industry. That means, as a powerful player of the industry, there aren't locations you cannot get into. We are already very successful in Anatolia. Now we are getting much stronger in Ankara, Istanbul and Thrace regions."

'Ismail Aytemiz' name is effective in branch transfer

Telling there is a great respect in the industry for company founder Ismail Aytemiz and this plays a big role in the transfer of new branches, Ahmet Eke said: "No matter what distribution brand, branches love him and respect him. Branches are getting closer to joining us on our journey just by hearing the name 'Ismail Aytemiz' because of the faith, love and respect they have for him. 


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