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Aytemiz and Castrol have Joined Their Forces by Putting Their Signatures Under a Strategic Cooperation

by User Not Found | Aug 11, 2016
Aytemiz, the fastest growing fuel oil company of Turkey, has put its signature under a strategic cooperation with Castrol, one of the greatest brands of mineral oil market.

Castrol Age at Aytemiz Stations

Aytemiz, the fastest growing fuel oil company of Turkey, has put its signature under a strategic cooperation with Castrol, one of the greatest brands of mineral oil market. Aytemiz stations shall bring together mineral oils which Castrol develops and manufactures with high technology with the consumers.  

Starting with the idea that mineral oils continuously renewed in parallel with the developing automotive technologies require specific expertise, Aytemiz has joined its force with Castrol’s in accordance with the target of offering the best quality product and service to its customers in the rapidly growing dealer network. Aytemiz, acting with the claim of offering high quality fuel oil the customers demand in fuel oil sector, has put its signature under an important cooperation with Castrol, one of the leading brands of the sector in mineral oil.

Aytemiz, “the fastest growing fuel oil brand of Turkey” by breaking dealer transfer records in the years of 2010 and 2015, shall perform Castrol products sale at the stations in the wide dealer network with over 500 dealers within the scope of cooperation it has established with Castrol, one of the leader mineral oil manufacturers of the World. Castrol, the most preferred engine oil brand in Turkish automotive market, shall be helpful in meeting the high performance, durability and economic expectations which Aytemiz customers need in their vehicles.

Ahmet Eke, the General Manager of Aytemiz, stating that establishing a cooperation with one of the greatest mineral oil brands in its sector and being the premier league player in this area are coinciding with the future targets of Aytemiz, has remarked that mineral oil developing and manufacturing require expertise. Ahmet Eke explained that product properties the automotive companies expect from mineral oil         and manufacturer approvals are getting more difficult day by day and said: “For this reason, Aytemiz has decided to make a cooperation with Castrol which has proven itself in this field and which is in the leader position in the market also in the multi-viscosity engine oils requiring high-tech along with its global brand and high brand perception it has”

Ahmet Eke, emphasizing that Aytemiz and Castrol brands evaluate this cooperation as a long-term relation, has said: “One of the properties strengthening a brand is the competence of responding different needs in the globalizing world. Within this framework, we believe that Castrol cooperation shall make Aytemiz more powerful as a domestic brand which can respond different needs of different consumers. In the next process, from today, Aytemiz shall offer Castrol mineral oils for sale at its stations and Castrol shall render service rapidly to all Aytemiz stations throughout Turkey with its own distribution network. Moreover, as two strong brands, we’ll continue to make cooperation in all product supply, training support and marketing subjects”

Kamuran Yazganoğlu, the Director of Ukraine and Central Asia, Castrol Turkey has said: “We’re glad for making cooperation with Aytemiz which we closely follow in the sector and which is the fastest growing fuel oil company of Turkey.

The consumers shall have the opportunity to reach to Castrol products at 500 more points by the wide dealer network of Aytemiz. Besides, we believe that this cooperation shall bring good results in terms of meeting Aytemiz customers with Castrol brand and strengthening loyalties of those who have already known Castrol”.  Yazganoğlu, reminding that they are in cooperation with many automotive brands in Turkey both globally and at national level, has said: “We’re managing operations in 11 countries within Castrol world, taking Turkey as the center. Within the geography we’re managing now, four thirds of our sales are performed in Turkey. Regarding the location of Turkey in the World organization, Turkey has been the fastest growing country in 2015. We have full belief that our cooperation with Aytemiz shall affect our growth in 2016”

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