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Aytemiz Optimum Commercial is on Air

by User Not Found | Nov 24, 2016

Aytemiz, which increases the service quality with operational improvements every day, has published the new Aytemiz Optimum advertisement film. In the film, it is explained that Aytemiz Optimum fuels protect the engine, the most valuable part of vehicles.

Aytemiz Optimum fuels, specially developed for both petrol and diesel vehicles, are suitable for older models as well as new generation vehicles with more precise working principles. Aytemiz Optimum fuels extend the life of the engine in continuous use by preventing wear on the motors due to the presence of additives.
Everyone has their own way of protecting their vehicles. Some people may exagerrate this protection. Such as covering the vehicle with layers of covers or taking extraordinary precautions at the garage door.  Instead of all these exaggerated measures, the film suggests Aytemiz Optimum fuels, which prolong the life of the engine in continuous use. The film, telling that those who really care about the car should start to protect it from the motor, was created by Medina Turgul DDB.

To watch the film Aytemiz Optimum - Garaj (Garage) click.
To watch the film Aytemiz Optimum - Branda (Car Cover) click.
Advertisement Client: Aytemiz Akaryakıt Dağıtım A.Ş.
Representatives of the Client:Özge Kansu Gökçek, Fatih Eren 
Advertisement Agency: Medina Turgul DDB
Executive Creative Director: Gökhan Erol
Creative Director: Ozan Can Bozkurt, Ertuğ Tuğalan
Creative Team Leader:Namık Ergin
Creative Team: Fatih Yılmaz, Serhan Koçak, Cem Erguvan, Cihan Metin Üstek, Aybikem Alemdar
Strategic Planning:Canan Pehlivanoğlu
Brand Team: Yasemin Altan, Miray Çakın, Ayşegül Al, Onur Duman 
Agency Producers:  Nedret Gürlek
Production Company: Interfilm Istanbul
Director: Aksel Özcan
Music: Tricks – Kerem Doğrar

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