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Aytemiz's New Commercial is Now Air

by User Not Found | May 25, 2023

Aytemiz's new commercial is airing with the slogan "Once Aytemiz, Always Aytemiz." Showcasing the innovations in its stations and services, Aytemiz introduces drivers who have not yet crossed paths with Aytemiz to get to know the brand in the commercial.

Brand research indicates that Aytemiz customers are highly satisfied with the services and products they receive and have become loyal brand advocates. Based on these research results, Aytemiz announces its recent product and service investments to consumers through a new commercial.

Operating in the fuel sector since 1963, Aytemiz reaches out to people who have not yet encountered Aytemiz through the new commercial. The film showcases Aytemiz's refreshed image and introduces several new features including E-şarj, a service exclusively available at Aytemiz for the first time in Turkey, the Biker-Friendly Station, and the Self-Service concept. It also showcases the new and modern ON 7/24 Market concept. The film conveys the experiences of customers, including the importance of friendly and good service, as well as clean and hygienic restrooms, which significantly contribute to customer satisfaction.

The commercial emphasizes that drivers who visit Aytemiz for their spontaneous daily needs are highly satisfied with the services they receive, with the slogan "Once Aytemiz, Always Aytemiz."

The commercial is voiced by the famous actor Okan Yalabık, and the beloved song "Hele bi gel" by the Pinhani Band serves as the film’s soundtrack.

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