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Aytemiz stands out with its Biker-Friendly Stations

by User Not Found | May 25, 2023

At Aytemiz's Biker-Friendly Station, which is a pioneering concept worldwide, theater and film actor Zafer Algöz, actor, screenwriter, and author Can Yılmaz, and renowned motorcycle enthusiast cartoonist Erdil Yaşaroğlu came together to talk about the services that make motorcyclists' lives easier.

Aytemiz, which has been operating in the fuel sector since 1963, introduced the Biker-Friendly concept in Turkey in 2017, marking a global first. The concept continues to garner increasing interest. Aytemiz's Biker-Friendly Stations provide services that meet the needs of motorcycle riders, such as dedicated parking areas for motorcycles, lockable cabinets for storing helmets and equipment, protective cloths to prevent fuel spills and scratches on motorcycles, and pump islands with non-slip surfaces.

Renowned cartoonist and motorcycle enthusiast Erdil Yaşaroğlu, who previously shared his experiences of the Biker-Friendly Station concept through a film series published on Aytemiz's social media channels, explains the concept to Zafer Algöz and Can Yılmaz. During this entertaining and enjoyable conversation, Zafer Algöz listens with interest and appreciation to the services that differentiate Aytemiz in the industry with its Biker-Friendly Station. Can Yılmaz, as a motorcycle user, praises Aytemiz for developing this concept and emphasizes that the stations offer solutions to the needs that motorcycle riders may encounter during their journeys. The full conversation can be accessed on Aytemiz's YouTube channel.

Aytemiz's Biker-Friendly Station concept, which has gained great acclaim from motorcycle riders, is currently available at 159 stations in 48 cities. You can find the stations with the Biker-Friendly Station concept here.

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