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Aytemiz ranks among the top 50 companies in theFortune 500 Turkey list

by User Not Found | Jul 12, 2023

Aytemiz has climbed to the 50th position this year in the Fortune 500 Turkey ranking, which determines the 500 largest companies in Turkey, is accepted as a reference by many institutions, and is regarded as a symbol of prestige.

Aytemiz entered the Fortune 500 Turkey 2022 list, which lists Turkey's largest companies, and rose 6 steps to reach the 50th position by increasing its annual growth by 162% and profitability by 150%. Additionally, with an asset turnover rate of 5.4, Aytemiz secured the 42nd position in the productivity ranking as one of Turkey's most efficient companies.

Expressing their honor to be included in the Fortune 500 Turkey 2022 list, Ahmet Eke, the General Manager of Aytemiz, stated, 'Despite all the developments in our country and the world, I am proud of our team's focus on work and results, as well as their dedication to achieving the best. The desire of our employees to provide a better customer experience and their relentless pursuit of operational efficiency have played a significant role in moving our company forward. Looking ahead, Aytemiz prioritizes sustainable growth and long-term efficiency. We will continue to invest in our country and develop innovative solutions to offer our customers surprising products and services. Embracing a forward-thinking approach and closely monitoring industry trends, we trust in our ability to overcome challenges and further enhance our prominent position in the fuel sector. I extend my deepest gratitude to all Aytemiz employees, our valuable customers for choosing us, and all stakeholders. We are committed to providing surprising products and services at our stations and creating value for everyone.'

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