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Autogas Products

Aytemiz Gas

Autogas, the most common fuel type in the world, is favored by many automobile drivers because it's environment friendly and economic.

In Turkey, the amount of people using autogas is increasing day by day and autogas holds the title of "the most preferred alternative fuel type" thanks to the price advantage it offers.

Aytemiz, continues its activities in energy industry with its EMRA LNG Wholesale and LPG Distributor licenses, three filling and storage facilities and around 400 retailers.

Why should I use Aytemiz Gas?

  • It enhances your vehicle's performance thanks to its advanced formula.
  • Fillings are carefully done by our highly-trained field officers.
  • It's much more economical than other forms of fuel and every filling saves your money.
  • Offered with high security standards guaranteed by HSE criteria.
  • Environment-friendly with its low gas emission.
  • Completely meets up to your expectations with its technical and technological foundation.
Aytemiz Gas - MSDS