Aytemiz Mobil Uygulaması İndirin İNDİR

Fuel Product

Optimum Gasoline

Whether differentiated or not, all types of fuel-oil products presented to the market in our country by license holders must comply with European Union standards and technical regulations designated by EMRA. Within this scope, all can be safely used in vehicles. There are no restrictive differences in regard to vehicle types such as automobiles, buses, lorries, trucks, tractors etc. between differentiated products and others in terms of regulated specifications like quality etc.
Cleans up your engine and protects it
Aytemiz Optimum Gasoline, which aims to ensure your engine provides high power and performance, will increase the lifetime of the engine, provide fuel-efficiency and a power raise in the engine when used routinely and constantly, thanks to its detergent substance that cleans up any residue left in the engine. It substantially reduces any corrosion or rusting that may happen in the engine by creating a protective layer on engine surface.

Provides fuel-efficiency
Injector chokes hamper fully efficient fuel injections. This leads up to a low fuel-efficiency. Aytemiz Optimum Gasoline prevents injection and valve chokes and provides maximum fuel and combustion efficiency.

Tests include standard gasoline and Aytemiz Optimum Gasoline 350 ppm. After 10.000 miles of drive tests, up to 4% of fuel saving was seen.

It reduces the energy loss resulted from the friction caused by the working principle of the engine. This way, the vehicle ends up with a better acceleration and mesh capabilities.

95 octane unleaded gasoline - MSDS